August 8

[Anniversary of Bid]

Anniversary of Bidfor Winter Olympics:College Students’Vigor and Mien
2016 is another year of the Olympic games, The folks’attention to the Olympics has steeply increased since 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China. Last July, Beijing was chosen to host the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, beating the bid of Kazakhstan’s Almaty. So, now, how does it reflect to the public?An investigation base on it,which executed by a practical group of China University of Mining and Technology, was carried out among the people from all walks of life, with the support of local government and Organizing Committee For The Olympic Games. OCOG officials spoke highly of it,”From the perspective of the college students, the practical group of CUMT propagandized the spirit of Winter Olympics with a profound and excellent investigation at the anniversary of the bid. They showed their vigor and mien of youth.”
[Anniversary of Bid]

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July 20

Spring into New LED Lighting


5.75″ Round LED Motorcycle Headlights –
Model 8690 M Series

Model 8690 M Series is the first to utilize our state-of-the-art ComfortLite™ high beam as well as low beam, providing added illumination above the horizon with a powerful punch of light down the road!  The proprietary solid optics offer enhanced visibility to both riders and other drivers, for a new level of rider comfort.

Spring into New LED Lighting


Check out the full selection of Motorcycle Headlights.


3.5″ Round LED Work Light – Model 4415 Mirror Kit

This new kit uses our existing Model 4415 LED spotlight with a new pre-assembled shroud. Kit is intended to be mounted on the side mirrors or forward of the driver with the shroud (snoot) oriented to block the light from the driver / operator’s eyes, providing maximum visibility rearward.

  • Kit includes two lights, with a shroud mounted in right-hand and left-hand orientations.
  • Can also be mounted elsewhere on the truck, such as on the back or side of a sleeper cab, to provide additional lighting.


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July 20

Giving back to Milwaukee – Rebuilding Together Block Build 2016



Associates of J.W. Speaker were happy to come LED Headlights together again this year to volunteer their time and talent for the Rebuilding Together of Greater Milwaukee’s Block Build 2016 – May 21, 2016.

This year, the Rebuilding Together of Greater Milwaukee organization revamped their Rebuilding Day event into a Block Build, organizing sponsorships, funding and volunteers to help improve over 30 homes on a single block on one day, Saturday, May 21st, 2016.

Over 25 volunteers from J.W. Speaker donated their time again this year, helping a local family update exterior landscaping, apply new exterior paint, install new windows, new flooring, carpeting and a new porch railing.

Here at J.W. Speaker, we are happy to have helped make such a big impact for our Milwaukee neighbors and give thanks to all of our devoted employees who came out to help make it such a big success!



(Photo: First photo of the day, before the real work began.)(Photo: Painting the front porch.)(Photo: Painting the front porch.)

(Photo: New railing.)

(Photo: Building the New railing.)

(Photo: Landscaping.)

(Photo: Installing new windows.)

(Photo: Landscaping the front yard.)

(Photo: Cleaning up the back yard.)

(Photo: Finished house.)

J.W. Speaker was happy to participate this year and give back to the local community we call home!  From:

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July 14

5 Rooms You’d Never Expect to Find Glamorous Lighting – And Why It Works

Once reserved primarily for formal dining rooms and grand entryways – glamorous lighting fixtures are expanding their horizons. It is commonly said that “lighting is the jewelry of the home.” In the same way that a statement necklace can instantaneously jazz up an otherwise bland outfit, lighting has the ability to completely transform a space. Even the most ordinary of spaces.One way to make your home stand out from the rest is to adorn certain areas with unexpected light fixtures that are characterized by elegance and sophistication. These five rooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorative lighting – but they could use some rethinking. Here’s why:


Room #1: The Mudroom

The mudroom is the passageway from the exterior of your home to its interior – meaning, this room plays a key role in establishing first impressions. Greet guests with a sophisticated style that introduces them to the quality of design carried through the rest of the house. As a workspace, functionality is key for the mudroom. A large pendant or bright chandelier adds visual appeal while serving as a great source for ambient light.

Project by Stephen Alexander Homes ( | Cuddle Pendant

Design Tip! Find more bright ideas for lighting your mudroom here.


Room #2: The Hallway

Regarded as a space merely for transition, the hallway is often overlooked as a primary area for design opportunity. However, in an open-concept home – hallways may be the perfect stage for a sparkling chandelier (or two) that can be seen easily from other rooms.

Image courtesy of Toll Brothers | Project by Possibilities for Design | Noir Chandelier


Room #3: The Closet

As an important room for determining your own personal wardrobe, a large walk-in closet should be designed to inspire. You’ll love starting your day beneath a gorgeous chandelier. Select a fixture that merges both casual and upscale elements to complete the fusion of the ordinary and extraordinary.

Image courtesy of Kolter Homes | Bliss Chandelier


Room #4: The Garage

The garage can be converted into so much more than a place for storing cars and garden tools. Whether used as a workshop, wet bar or workout area – you deserve a space that shines. A close-to-ceiling fixture helps conserve vertical space while making a big aesthetic impact.

As seen on Property Brothers | Bingo Close-to-Ceiling


Room #5: The Children’s Bedroom

For the girly-girl who loves sparkles and princesses (and mini spot light everything in between) – there’s no better way to dress up her room than with a chandelier that glistens and glitters. For a boy’s bedroom, consider a display of industrial-inspired pendants with a more masculine appeal.

Image courtesy of Toll Brothers | Project by Possibilities for Design | Nissé Chandelier

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July 14

A Few Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home

Kitchen lighting has, is and always will be one of the most important home lighting considerations. That’s because food is created in the kitchen, and everyone loves to eat. All kidding aside, though, kitchen lighting is a major concern for homeowners. This is because the kitchen holds many tasks that require different areas to be flooded with the proper amount of lighting. Cooking, school work and cleaning is all done in the kitchen, and the appropriate kitchen lighting can make all the difference between a well-dressed salad and a Track Lighting Fixturesmess with lots of band-aids involved. Here are some fresh kitchen lighting ideas that you can use to improve this all-important room in your house.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Track Lighting- Kitchen track lighting is one of the most popular kitchen lighting ideas because it offers flexibility, provides lots of fresh light and creates a clean, sleek and trendy style in the room. That’s not all that track lighting fixtures has to offer. In addition to style, kitchen track lighting fixtures can be moved horizontally across the track and circularly on a pivot so that you can shed light on any area of the room. What’s more, track lighting fixtures allow you to illuminate several areas at once making multiple areas accessible for working. So you mini spot light can let your children do their homework at the kitchen table while you prepare dinner, or sit down to read a book while waiting for a pot to boil.

Track Lighting Fixtures
Kitchen Lighting
Ceiling Fans- Probably some of the most beloved kitchen lighting ideas of all time, ceiling fans hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. That’s because in addition to the light and style that this fixture provides, kitchen ceiling fans provide something so much more important: comfort. What everyone seeks, especially when working in a stuffy, hot kitchen is a little bit of comfort, a breeze, a cool gust of wind, something. Kitchen mini down light fans say, “Don’t worry about the heat, I got this one covered.”, and provide a steady flow of gentle but cooling air. This both cools down the room and circulates the air, ensuring that musty smells, hot air and odors don’t settle in and consider sticking Kitchen Lighting Ideasaround.

Recessed Lighting- Another favorite among the many kitchen lighting ideas, recessed lighting offers the optimal amount of light while taking up the minimal amount of space. Conveniently hidden within the ceiling, recessed lighting fixtures take up no space whatsoever. In addition to being well-located, recessed lights are fabulously trendy. The sleek, seamless look is right in line with the contemporary style.

So whether you prefer the clean lines of track lighting fixtures or enjoy kitchen lighting that is out of sight out of mind, you can benefit form some of these kitchen lighting ideas in your house. Illuminate your home today with radiant kitchen lighting.

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July 4

Body & Beard Hair transplant

Scalp hair Transplant

The scalp hairs are the most important hairs of the body. They make your appearance look graceful and add beauty to your dressing. The scalp hair transplant follows many types of transplant, but the most common method is the FUE hair transplant. The method is utilized by the dermatologist worldwide because it is simple and makes the hair grow more rapidly. The follicular extraction unit hair transplant is a great way of getting back your scalp hair. The FUE process is a quick healing process and does not cause any visible scars or wounds. After transplantation, it would not seem that you have been through a hair transplant or not.

Body Hair Transplant

The body hairs primarily comprise of the hairs on your chest. There are many ways of making your body hair transplanted. The FUT method was used by the surgeons before the FUE transplantation. In FUT method, the strip of hairs is uprooted from the donor area and is grafted in the recipient area. This method is not much used now because it involves much pain and open wounds. After the completion of the transplantation process, the scars are prominently visible which can impart an awkwardness to your appearance. So the FUE transplantation is practiced everywhere, as it is simple and has many advantages over the ordinary hair transplantation.

Beard Hair Transplant

Beard hairs are the way of increasing your beauty. These add glamour and charm to your face and make you more attractive and voluptuous. The increased blood supply to your face due to the presence of hairs makes your face more glow. Like the head hairs, the beard hair also faces some losses. Sometimes it happens that you start losing your beard hairs.

Like the scalp hair transplant, the beard hairs also involve the bory hair same process of transplantation. People go through a beard hair transplantation and mostly dermatologists and surgeons opt for the FUE method. It is more secure, reliable and long lasting. There are no wounds made during the process and it is a scar free process. It is easier to execute and requires much control and stability of hands. Moreover, the cost of FUE is relatively less. The FUE beard transplant is perhaps the best method to get your beard hair transplanted.

People having a dense beard often also opt for the FUE transplant. Despite having a dense beard they tend to lose the beard hair from inside and it is important that a proper transplantation is done to secure the already present hair and to regrow the hair that has been lost. There are many advantages of FUE transplanting.

Hair Transplant by DR. OZGUR

Many doctors and dermatologist recommend the FUE hair transplant. The FUE hair transplant is much advantageous than the FUT strip method because in this method a strip of hair is uprooted from one part of the body and is transplanted where it is required, the strip method is not recommended because it causes wounds and makes out visible scars.

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July 4

The Many Wonders of Body Hair Removal

From simple shaving to laser hair removal in NYC, you can achieve the smooth look you desire.

Why Remove Hair at All?
For some people, hair removal is about smooth, hair-free skin that is soft and beautiful. For other people who don’t prefer the bare look, hair removal is about keeping things neat and trim. Overall, getting rid of body hair is more sanitary and makes it easier to keep things clean, and the rest is just personal preference.

What Are My Options?
When it comes to hair removal, some of the common options include shaving, tweezing/plucking, threading, using epilators and other devices, trying creams that dissolve the hair, and, of course, laser hair removal. Each comes with a set of pros and cons.

Shaving has been around for a long time, and it is a tried and true method that leaves body areas smooth, trim, and hair-free. It is relatively inexpensive, since all you need is a razor and either shaving cream or some form of soap, but you will need to continue to purchase these products on a regular basis. The results of shaving are short-lived, since the hair is cut off right at the surface of the skin and will start to grow back immediately.

Waxing, Tweezing, Threading, and Epilators
Waxing, plucking, threading, and epilators are all boryhair different forms of ripping the hair out by the roots. Waxing involves strips of wax that are ripped off in one long sweep, tweezing plucks hairs out individually, threading removes hair in short lines, and epilators remove many hairs at once. For smaller areas like eyebrows or upper lips, many people prefer threading or plucking. Waxing is a good way to tackle larger areas, since it removes so many hairs at once. Epilators can be more time-consuming, but they don’t remove the top layer of skin (a common complaint about waxing). The results of pulling the hair out by the root are much more long-lasting, since the hairs take much more time to grow back.


Depilatory creams weaken the bonds in hairs so they are easily scraped off the surface of the skin. As long as you are not sensitive to the chemicals, it can be a pain-free way of removing unwanted body hair. Be careful not to leave the creams on for too long, or burns may occur.

Laser Hair Removal

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June 22

Our company supplied for a company name testing service

Our company  supplied for a company name testing service

Chinese language expert to do name testing. Consist only 2 type of question, “Does this name reminds you of anything positive or negative?”, “Does this name sounds positive or negative?”.


Management book translation from English into Chinese


Evolution of a Leader:
The Welch Years
Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 1
Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 2
Why a Jack Welch Lexicon of
Lexicon (lek-si-kon): (1) A dictionary; (2) A stock of
terms used in a particular profession, subject, or style; a
In his two decades at the helm of GE, Jack Welch did more to
add to the leadership literature than any other CEO of the
modern era. Not only did he give more thought to the business
of leadership,Welch devised principles, strategies, and tenets to
lead by.
In creating one of the world’s most competitive corporations,
Welch created his own lexicon, a new language that gave voice to
the new methods and strategies that transformed GE from a century-
old bureaucracy into a global juggernaut.
The Jack Welch Lexicon of Leadership is alphabetically organized
and includes more than 250 of the words, ideas, concepts, tools,
and strategies used or created by Welch and GE between 1981 and
2001. Some listings, such as “Boundaryless,” have already found
their way into the everyday language of business. However, there
are dozens of terms that have received less attention but also
played a vital role in advancing Welch’s leadership agenda. For
example, while most managers have heard of Six Sigma, there has
been less written about Master Black Belts and Green Belts. In similar
fashion, Work-Out?,Welch’s sweeping cultural initiative, has
garnered the spotlight in countless books and articles, while other
Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 3
concepts associated with the program, such as “high hards” and
“rattlers,” have received far less attention.
Many of the entries in the Lexicon were indeed the brainchild of
Jack Welch and GE. However, it is worth noting that the book
includes dozens of entries that were not invented by the GE chairman
but have some unique and pertinent Welch application. For
example, the entry for confidence does not include a literal definition,
but instead explains why Welch felt that “instilling confidence”
was one of his key responsibilities. In addition, to fully
grasp why the GE chairman attributed such weight to confidence
building, readers will learn the origins of Welch’s own self-assurance,
as well as the role it played in crafting his vision for GE.
The goal of the Welch Lexicon is threefold:
1. To give readers a guided tour of the language and strategies
of all things Welch. Readers will gain valuable insights into
the key management ideas that consumed Welch, while also
learning the significance of these concepts and programs.
The most important terms are clearly designated (with the
Six Sigma icon) so readers know which Welch words and
strategies formed the centerpiece of his leadership ideal. For
Bureaucracy: Productivity’s enemy.Welch told his people
to “fight it, kick it.” The GE CEO fought a two-decade war
against bureaucracy with initiatives like boundaryless and
Work-Out. GE’s list of values specifically addressed the
company’s intolerance for bureaucracy (it was at the top of
the list for many years), and stressed the importance of
building an organization of trust, excitement, and informality.
Welch recognized the adverse effects of bureaucracy and
knew that unless he rid the organization of the worst of it,
GE would never become a legitimate global competitor.
Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 4
2. To impart additional insights into Welch’s key companywide
initiatives. During his tenure,Welch launched four
growth initiatives (globalization, Six Sigma, Product Services,
and the e-Initiative) and one behavioral initiative (Work-
Out). All key initiatives are explored at length, as are the key
terms associated with each initiative. For example, not only is
Welch’s Six Sigma initiative explored in depth but so are more
than three dozen terms associated with that watershed program
(e.g., Defects,Variance, etc.).
3. To chronicle the evolution ofWelch’s leadership thinking.
Wherever possible, dates and chronology are included to help
trace Welch’s evolution as a leader.Many of Welch’s key concepts
and programs evolved over the years, and that chronology
often played a major role in implementing a particular
program. For example,Welch said that Six Sigma would not
have been possible without Work-Out, the behavioral program
that helped GE become a more boundaryless place in
the late 1980s and early 1990s.
The ultimate goal is to create a dictionary that is much more—a
road map of the language and programs employed by the GE
CEO in launching the many revolutions that earned Jack Welch
the sobriquet of world’s greatest manager (although Welch dislikes
the term “manager”—he prefers “leader”). It is intended to
be a complete reference that can be read in its entirety or accessed
for individual entries.
An Incredibly Brief Welch History
Welch, an only child, was born in 1935 and raised in Salem,
Massachusetts. An avid sports enthusiast as a child, he credits the
lessons he learned in a “scrappy place” called the “Pit” (the neighborhood
gravel pit turned into a makeshift park) with forging his
Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 5
leadership abilities. He later attended the University of
Massachusetts at Amherst, and then went on to the University of
Illinois, where he received a Master’s degree and a doctorate in
chemical engineering. In October 1960,Welch joined GE in the
plastics division in Pittsfield,Massachusetts. It was there that he
formed his leadership ideal.Working in that exciting, fast-paced
environment,Welch said, “Bureaucracy could not form, just as ice
could not form in a swiftly moving stream.” (Despite this environment,
Welch almost quit in 1961 when he received what he
called a “lousy” $1000 raise that brought his income to only
In the beginning, there were only two employees, which
prompted Welch to liken his part of GE to a “corner grocery
store.” In a neighborhood grocery store, you know the customers’
names, what they buy, who they are.Welch believes that confidence
thrives in an informal arena. That metaphor would stay
with him as he moved up the corporate ladder, becoming the
company’s youngest general manager at age 33.Welch’s predecessor,
Reg Jones, started searching for his successor in 1974, six full
years before his retirement, and although the original list of 96
candidates did not include Welch, his name was added to the final
list of contenders (see Succession Planning).
In 1980, GE announced the name of it’s eighth CEO: 45-year-old
John Francis Welch. On the day of the announcement, corporate
America was in a tailspin. Interest rates were skyrocketing and the
economy was sandwiched between two recessions. The stock
market was in a shambles, emerging from its worst period since
the 1930s. The Dow 30, which had first pierced 900 in the mid-
1960s, was at 937. And GE, one of America’s premier corporations,
wasn’t doing much better. Despite the fact that Reg Jones
was voted the best CEO by the Fortune 500 CEOs, GE’s stock,
when adjusted for inflation, had lost half of its value over the previous
10 years.
Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 6
What happened next has been well-documented:Welch tells a colleague
of his bold plan to launch a “revolution” and spends his
first years reinventing the company. In the early 1980s he performed
a brand of corporate surgery that shocked even GE insiders,
selling off more than 200 businesses and acquiring 70, including
the $6 billion acquisition of RCA.Welch transformed GE from
an aging industrial manufacturer into a diverse, global juggernaut.
In doing so, he helped corporate America regain its once heralded
position as the world’s most valuable competitor. Not since Alfred
Sloan revamped GM’s bureaucracy half a century earlier has one
corporate leader had such a great impact on a large corporation.
While much has been written about the Welch initiatives that
became his trademark (e.g.,Work-Out, Boundarylessness), there has
been less ink devoted to his basic tenets of business.Welch has consistently
stated that “business is simple” and that “informal is a huge
deal.” Simplicity and informality are as much a part of the Welch lexicon
as “Work-Out” and “Boundarylessness.”When he speaks of his
greatest accomplishments, he doesn’t talk about GE’s financial
record, instead focusing on the “softer” aspects of leadership.

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved

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June 22

Translating Brochure Transmittal for Tre Vecchi LLC

English source text:
Your company was referred to us as being a major real estate investor.  If your future objectives include investing in development land in California, United States of America, we would like to offer our assistance.

Investing in land in California offers substantial rewards, but requires advice from experienced professionals to identify opportunities and hidden problems.  Tre Vecchi is a small team of professionals, with substantial experienced in land development and investments in California, who can help your company achieve its objectives.

Attached is a document with a brief description of Tre Vecchi that provides an overview of the services we offer.  We are not real estate agents, but rather expert advisors in land development. Our services range from advice on initial acquisition to full development for projects ranging from small parcels to those greater than 14,000 hectares.  We would be pleased to discuss how we might be able to help you company achieve its objectives.


Gary Cinti
Principal, Tre Vecchi LLC

Mandarin Translation:


在加州进行房地产投资能获得巨大的回报,但这需要经验丰富的业内人士帮您把握机遇并规避风险。Tre Vecchi是由几位专业人士组成的一个团队,在加州的土地开发和投资领域具有丰富的经验,能帮助贵司达成自己的目标。

在此我们附上了Tre Vecchi投资与土地开发咨询有限公司的简介,向您简单介绍我们所提供的服务内容。我们并不是一家房地产中介公司,而是在土地开发领域的专业顾问公司。我们的顾问服务涵盖了从最初的收购到为整个项目进行全面开发,不论其规模为小的地块或是超过1.4万公顷的社区。我们非常希望能有机会与贵司商谈,讨论如何帮贵司达成战略目标。



Gary Cinti
Tre Vecchi投资与土地开发咨询有限公司负责人



Canada Address: 1907, 750 York Mills Rd, North York, Toronto, ON,  M3B 1X1 Tel: 647 624 9243 Email: Address: Room 1507, Building 4, Sun Garden, Haidian District, BeijingPost Code: 100098
Tel: +86-10-82115892 Fax: +86-10-82115892 Email:beijinghyw@126.comShanghai Address: 20G of No. 38 of Caoxi North Road, Shanghai.Post Code: 200030
Tel: 0086-21-31200158 Fax: 0086-21-31200158

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved

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June 21

Welcome to Beijing Lyrics – English Translation of Official Song of 2008 Olympics

Welcome to Beijing, sometimes translated as Beijing Welcomes You is a theme song for the 2008 Summer Olympics in China. The song was written by Hong Kong lyricist Lam Jik and features 100 all star Chinese artists, actors and singers, including Hollywood movie star Jackie Chan.

Other Chinese artists appearing in the Welcome to Beijing Video include Karen Mok, Richie Ren, Stefanie Sun, Nicholas Tse, Emil Chou, Joey Yung, Jolin Tsai, Hangeng, Wang Lee Hom, Kenji Wu, JJ Lin, Chris Li, Huang Da Wei, Huang Xiao Ming, Chen Kun, Lin Ci Ling, Vivian Hsu, Ah Du, Fan Wei Qi, Anson Hu, and more.

The lyrics of Welcome to Beijing encourage unity and invite everyone to chinese website translation come and visit China, experience its rich history and hospitable people and enjoy the stay with friends. The song has catchy, unobtrusive melody that touches one’s heart and is sure to make you hum it for the rest of the day.

English translation of Welcome to Beijing’s lyrics along with Pinyin transcript (not using Chinese characters) is provided below:

Let’s embrace another morning and enjoy its ever new air.
Ying jie ling yi ge chen xi, dai lai quan xin kong qi.

With the fragrance of tea, it smells different. But it feels great, full of friendship.
Qi xi gai bian qing wei bu bian, cha xiang tiao man qing yi.

Our door is always open. We are waiting for you open-armed.
Wo jia da men chang da kai, kai fang huai bao deng ni.

After a big hug, you’ll feel close with us. And surely you will love this place.
Yong bao guo jiu you le mo qi, ni jiu hui ai shang zhe li.

Our guests, no matter where you come from, please feel at home.
Bu guan yuan jin dou shi ke ren, qing bu yong ke qi.

We promised to get together here. So welcome!
Xiang yue hao le zai yi qi, wo men huan ying ni.

We cultivate Chinese evergreen in the garden. All the time, it is producing a new legend.
Wo jia zhong zhe wan nian qing, kai fang mei duan chuan qi.

In the soil rich in traditions, we plant. Hope everything we plant here leaves you a great experience.
Wei chuan tong de tu rang bo zhong, wei ni liu xia hui yi.

Our guests, no matter we’ve met before or not, please feel at ease.
Mo sheng shu xi dou shi ke ren, qing bu yong ju li.

Even if you have been here for many times, you won’t feel bored ’cause we have vast new things for you.
Di ji ci lai mei guan xi, you tai duo hua ti.

Welcome to Beijing; we’ve done a lot for your visit.
Bei jing huan ying ni, wei ni kai tian bi di.

Its charm in ever changing is full of life.
Liu dong zhong de mei li, chong man zhe chao qi.

Welcome to Beijing; let’s breathe together in the sunshine.
Bei jing huan ying ni, zai tai yang xia fen xiang hu xi.

Let’s establish new records here in China.
Zai huang tu di shua xin cheng ji.

Our door is always open. We are open armed, ready to embrace the world.
Wo jia da men chang da kai, kai huai rong na tian di.

5000-year-old China is flashing a youthful smile, waiting for the day.
Sui yue zhan fang qing chun xiao rong, huan jie zhe ge re qi.

Our guests, no matter where you come from, please feel at home.
Tian da di da dou shi peng you, qing bu yong ke qi.

We paint pictures and write poems to express the joy for your coming.
Hua yi shi yi dai xiao yi, zhi wei deng dai ni.

Welcome to Beijing; like moving music, our hospitality will warm your heart.
Bei jing huan ying ni, xiang ying yue gan dong ni.

Let’s try to challenge ourselves.
Rang wo men dou jia you qu chao yue zi ji.

Welcome to Beijing; people who have dreams are all bravo.
Bei jing huan ying ni, you meng xiang shei dou liao bu qi.

If only you keep the courage, miracles will happen.
You yong qi jiu hui you qi ji.

Welcome to Beijing; we’ve done a lot for your visit.
Bei jing huan ying ni, wei ni kai tian bi di.

Its charm in ever changing is full of life.
Liu dong zhong de mei li, chong man zhe chao qi.

Welcome to Beijing; let’s breathe together in the sunshine.
Bei jing huan ying ni, zai tai yang xia fen xiang hu xi.

Let’s establish new records here in China.
Zai huang tu di shua xin cheng ji.

Our door is always open. We are waiting for you open-armed.
Wo jia da men chang da kai, kai fang huai bao deng ni.

After a big hug, you’ll feel close with us. And surely you will love this place.
Yong bao guo jiu you le mo qi, ni jiu hui ai shang zhe li.

Our guests, no matter where you come from, please feel at home.
Bu guan yuan jin dou shi ke ren, qing bu yong ke qi.

We promised to get together here. So welcome!  From:
Xiang yue hao le zai yi qi, wo men huan ying ni.

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